emotional resilience & Parent Coaching for stressed Moms

Stop reacting. Start understanding.

I teach moms with depression, anxiety & ADHD to emotionally self-regulate, so they can parent from a place of inner calm.

Heal unprocessed emotions

Buried childhood wounds are at the root of emotional reactivity in parenting. Learn to recognize and process old hurt and trauma, so it stops affecting your ability to parent with compassion.

end emotional coping

Stop numbing, distracting and avoiding difficult emotions with behaviors that no longer serve you. Say goodbye to emotional eating, drinking, phone addiction, retail therapy, procrastination, perfectionism, etc.

Authentically Connect  

When you heal your inner world, you react less from anger, frustration, overwhelm and fear; and respond more from your heart. This allows your child to feel emotionally safe enough to communicate, share and connect with you.

Is this you?

Are you often emotionally triggered by your child or teen’s behavior? Does this result in uncontrolled anger or endless anxious thoughts about their future?

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try to parent with kindness, your big emotions eventually win; leaving you feeling guilty and hopeless?

Do you numb, distract or avoid your difficult emotions and habitually use a coping strategy like food, wine, your phone, TV, shopping or work to feel better?

Do your child’s big emotions make you extremely uncomfortable? Does their anger, irritation, anxiety or sadness overwhelm you?

Difficult emotions are extrememly challenging to navigate on your own.

A skilled professional can teach you powerful emotional regulation skills.

I'm Priya

Mom. Emotional Resilience Parent Coach. Meditation & Wisdom Teacher.

I am passionate about teaching moms powerful skills to reduce their own emotional stress, so they can parent and live from a place of peace and joyful presence. I work with moms with depression, anxiety or ADHD.

When we suffer inside, we unconsciously end up judging, shaming, yelling, or being too hard on our kids. My mission is to help you heal; so you can connect to your child with more understanding, warmth, and compassion.

My Approach

Coaching and teachings based on conscious parenting, spiritual psychology, iRest yoga nidra and functional nutrition to address all parts of being human: body, mind and spirit.

Trauma-sensitive, somatic approach that focuses on childhood and attachment wounds, present triggers and regulating the nervous system.

Nonjudgmental and compassionate guidance that builds self-reliance by allowing your innate authenticity, wisdom and power to flow.

4 Ways to Work with Me

Packages and Offerings

b3lineicon|b3icon-heart-care||Heart Care

Difficult Emotions BOOTCAMP

You show up weekly for 6 months.

I’ll personally coach you to self-soothe and self-regulate, so your nervous system learns how to move from fight, flight and freeze into pause and calm.

Your weekly commitment to the process will change how you respond to your child when big emotions surface.

This package is for you if you are ready to move from conflict to calm, compassion and connection in parenting.

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Difficult Emotions 101

You show up weekly for 3 months.

I’ll personally coach you with the same process I use in my bootcamp.

You gain a deep understanding of exactly how to emotionally regulate when parenting.

This package is for you if you are familiar with conscious parenting at the intellectual level, but are struggling with implementation.

Or if you'd like a taste before you fully commit.

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Functional Nutrition for Mood

Add on package with Bootcamp or 101.

Gut, hormone, nervous system imbalances and nutrient deficiencies affect emotional health. Get your diet evaluated for major red flags.

I'll make personalized food and supplement recommendations to help support your mental health.

This add-on package is for you if you also need coaching with diet, exercise and lifestyle.


Trauma-sensitive Meditation

You show up weekly. 

Trauma-sensitive group meditation classes to help ease difficult emotions and build an inner sense of safety and calm.

With regular attendance, you will move into a daily practice - because you will feel the benefits!

Meditating and learning in community facilitates deeper healing.

Let's talk and find out which package is right for you!

I started working with Priya just after moving countries, working through issues of nutrition and immunity. The effect Priya's program had on my gut health and overall general well being was really remarkable. The mix of Eastern + Western philosophies makes for a good marriage when she extends her expertise to conscious well being, beyond just nutrition.
Devayani Vijayan

I have done individual therapy sessions, read a lot of self- help books and turned to trusted friends and families for advice. Nothing came close to my inner child work with Priya. Priya’s warmth, compassion, and safe environment has helped me heal and grow. She helped me open up my old wounds and pain and guided me with her sweet words in that painful process. She encouraged me to be patient and not to be hard on myself. Over time, I shared more and cried more with her because she truly made me feel safe and not judged. I do not know where I’d be without Priya. I have learned more about my true self through our conversations. Now, I love myself and respect myself more than before.

Satenik Grigoryan

I started working with Priya about 5 years ago. Emotional resilience was something that I really struggled with. I used to be depressed and faced a lot of anxiety. I found it really hard to deal with the pressures of life whether it was university or at work, but after working with Priya I have truly transformed myself. I am not the same person I used to be. I am a lot more confident today and can deal with the stresses of life a lot better.

Priya goes out of her way to help all her clients. What I really like is how she goes to the core of your problems and understands you as a person. Our emotional problems don't only have to do with our lifestyle, but also with our past experiences in life such as our childhood. Priya understands this and goes deeper with every session in order to help you discover the source of your problems. In addition, Priya helped me with an excellent diet and suggested some amazing techniques to deal with my emotional problems through meditation and lifestyle changes. Today, I look at the world in a much different light than before. I wouldn't be the same person without her support.

Karan Aiyer

Healing has been a part of my life for a few years now. Priya is an amazing and dedicated coach! I read/ listened to many books, listened to many podcasts, saw multiple therapists in the past for many years, but didn’t see any improvement. Working with Priya was very transformational and the inner child work that she walked me through is profound. I loved, loved, loved the meditation part, connecting to my body, heart and soul, setting intentions and letting go. I always looked forward to our sessions because I knew it would bring me healing and help me to be more resilient.

She has a warm heart, patience and the ability to listen to issues one has. She is very good at remembering everything we talked about in previous sessions. She holds space, lets you speak and share without interruptions and she pays attention to small details. I gained so much awareness after each session and none of that was possible without her help. I would recommend Priya to anyone who is on a healing journey …

Love and healing, Nermina!!! ❤️❤️

Nermina Spahovic

I’ve been where you are


I know how defeated you feel when you can’t control your emotions with your child.


I know you try so hard to stay calm, but fear about your child’s future gets in the way.


I know how badly you want your parenting to match the love you feel for them.

You’ve come to the right place

Powerful coaching to ease difficult emotions common in depression, anxiety and ADHD.

So you break free from emotional reactivity, conflict and suffering in parenting.

Let’s connect and begin your healing journey today.

Download my Emotional Regulation Guide

Learn 6 powerful steps to begin soothing, processing & regulating your difficult emotions,

So you can:

  • Stop yelling, criticizing and shaming your child
  • Communicate with calm, compassion and clarity even when triggered
  • End emotional overeating, overdrinking, retail therapy, phone addiction, procrastination and other coping patterns

Build a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

Connect for support