Priya Chawathe

Emotional Resilience Parent Coach for Moms with Depression, Anxiety or ADHD

Hi, I’m Priya

Lovely to meet you!

I hope my story of healing from depression, anxiety and ADHD gives you hope and inspires you to reach out for support. I’m here to help.


I loved becoming a Mom and lived for the sweet, tender kisses and heart-melting hugs I received from my baby girl. Her love was pure, without judgment. I too wanted to nurture her with this same unconditional love.

But my health often made it hard to be calm, joyful and patient. My nervous system was dysregulated and my body was tired. This prevented me from parenting the way I wanted.


Depression, anxiety, ADHD and chronic fatigue made daily living hard. Most days I only got out of bed for my little girl, who depended on me.

I carried shame for not having a successful career or a well-kept home, always being behind on paying bills, arriving late for school pick-ups and drop-offs, leaving piles of unfolded laundry in the guest room. It felt awful not to be able to accomplish what others seemed to do with ease.

I put what little energy I had into making sure my daughter was healthy and successful, so she didn’t turn out like me. Fear for her future happiness made me criticize her for low grades, eating unhealthily and not having enough motivation, discipline and desire to excel.

Conflicts around housekeeping, parenting and my mental and physical health were common in our home. I felt anxious, misunderstood, alone and helpless.


To cope, I overate, used my phone as a pacifier and binged Netflix. This temporarily eased my anxiety and numbed my pain, but was followed by more shame. I obsessed about my looks and people pleased to feel better about myself. Stuck in this vicious cycle of inner shame, difficult emotions and coping, I found no peace.


Addressing gut-brain and hormonal health using functional nutrition transformed my physical and emotional health, launching my career as a functional nutrition coach. The depression lifted, but I continued to use coping behaviors to work through difficult emotions (as did my clients).

I learned that human suffering can’t be healed by fixing body chemistry alone or with discipline, will power, positive thinking or affirmations. We are not just our bodies. We are also our minds, our emotions and our stories. So we can’t trick ourselves into feeling something we authentically don’t. And ultimately, we are our hearts and our souls. So no amount of doing will fulfill us, unless it is led by our soul.


As she got older, my daughter–fearing she could not meet my high expectations for her–became increasingly anxious, overwhelmed and distant. And despite all my outward efforts, she developed coping behaviors similar to mine. The realization that we pass on our generational emotional blueprints unless we make our own inner healing a priority hit me like a brick wall. I took the focus off her and committed to heal my inner world. 


How I Calmed my Inner World

I studied with renowned psychologists, therapists and wisdom teachers like Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Dr. Richard Miller, Stephanie Lopez, Suzi Lula and Dr. Gabor Mate. Their teachings have revolutionized my perspective on emotional pain and suffering and been pivotal in my growth. 

Powerful compassionate skills and practices have taught me to listen to and somatically feel my difficult emotions with curiosity, love and non-judgement. This has helped my body release years of forgotten pain I’d been unconsciously carrying from childhood. 

When we lean into difficult emotions instead of avoiding or distracting ourselves from them, coping behaviors naturally fall away, and are replaced by new healthier behaviors. The skills and practices helped soothe my nervous system, releasing the grip of the fear, shame, guilt, loneliness and helplessness cycle. I now feel and allow my difficult emotions without reacting or moving into coping, so they help me grow. 

Rewards of my emotional growth

I was able to transform difficult emotions of fear, anger, frustration, loneliness, and grief into a deep sense of inner peace, love, acceptance and compassion. I can help you do the same.

I react less and pause more. I witness and listen to my daughter’s struggles and simply hold her pain without trying to fix her, which comforts her and deepens our bond. The energy in our home has shifted from chaos to calm, communication is healthier, and I focus on understanding and connection first. 

I am more joyful, grateful, and connected to the present moment. I am committed to authenticity, inner abundance and living from my soul, which allows energy, creativity and pleasure to naturally flow. 

The skill of transforming difficult emotions and creating a joyful abundant inner life is available to all of us. We only have to commit to learning and growth.