Design Your Day Series #1: What is Health?

My first challenge in this instagram series (@priyachawathe) was to list 5 things in life that matter most to you.

Of course health was on the top of my top 5 list and I’m hoping it made your top 5 .

Let’s take some time to actually define health today. According to the WHO, “Health is not merely the absence of disease.”

So what is health then? And what areas of our lives have the potential to impact our health?

In the past 2-3 years, as I’ve radically changed the way I eat and live to fight depression and Hashimoto’s; I’ve learned to value and pay attention to the following areas of my life:



3) Sleep




7)Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation…this is repetitive for a reason


Nutrition, exercise and sleep not only lay the foundation for good health, but can also be the key to healing, when you have existing chronic symptoms. Most of us know this already – it’s not new information. These 3 areas are your quickest way back to feeling better, along with any necessary treatment, medication and supplements.

Intentionally nurturing and balancing the other 5 areas as well (career, relationships, spirituality, rest, and fun), is a way to create and bringing happiness to our lives. Yes, happiness is an intentional practice. You don’t sit around and wait for it to come find you; instead, you actively bring it into your life with choices, action and practice. Since our bodies thrive on happiness, balancing these areas essentially leads to better health. The proof is in the pudding. Ever noticed how amazing you feel when you finally tend to an area above that’s been off balance for awhile?

Are you ready to Design Your Day? Are you ready to prioritize your day for the things that matter most to you (your top 5)? Are you ready to prioritize health?

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Love and hugs,



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