Design Your Day Series #3: Where you choose to Play, Exercise or Rejuvenate Matters

My third challenge in this Instagram series (@priyachawathe) where you choose to Play, Exercise or Rejuvenate Matters!

Ever wonder why we flock to beaches, mountains or forests on vacation? Why you instantly feel better when you walk along a lake, river or even a bubbling brook?

Consider your everyday, non-vacation life for just a moment. So many of us live lives that are essentially disconnected from nature and our beautiful planet. We don’t do this intentionally of course – this modern way of life just sneakily creeps up on us.

So why change? Why bother to make the effort to regularly play, exercise or rejuvenate in nature?

Know that like all other living beings, you are intrinsically connected to nature and

Your dependence on plants is beyond oxygen, clean air, weather, fertile soil, clean water, clothes, furniture, food and medicine (just to name a few):

A large study on biophilia (aka, deep connection to nature) found that it is related to being happy via measures of vitality, positivity and life satisfaction.

Japanese scientists have found that when we breathe forest air, we breathe in plant-derived essential oils, copious negative ions and beneficial bacteria (you know I’m doing a cartwheel right now ), which together help explain some of the benefits of green space. Negative ions, shown to be beneficial to mental health are also found in higher concentrations near water bodies.

And you thought vacations felt great because you didn’t have to deal with difficult people at work!

Nature Heals:

-Improves memory, creative thinking, problem-solving skills and concentration; might help children with ADHD

-Lowers depression & anxiety and has a positive effect on overall self-esteem and mental health, which can be more powerful when combined with exercise

-Has a restorative and rejuvenating effect on the mind

-May stimulate the production of anti-cancer proteins

-Boosts your immunity

-Improves cardiovascular health, including lowering blood pressure and heart rate

-Reduces the stress hormone cortisol

-Reduces inflammation

-Is good for your eyes; lowers risk of nearsightedness in children

-Leads to a longer, healthier life

So, if you’re ready for a deep heal with no side effects and copious benefits, put becoming a tree-hugger on your to-do list.

I’m committing to 1) A monthly hike and 2) No-ziplocks for food-on-the-go, to start. You?

Loves & hugs,



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