Stop living unwanted patterns and move into intentional flow instead

Emotional Resilience and Mood Nutrition Coaching

I help stressed moms heal and transform their emotional health, so they can parent and live from a place of true inner peace, vitality and joy.

Heal Past Trauma

Learning to allow, accept and understand your emotional pain will help you heal your inner child, easing trauma and difficult life experiences of the past

End Unhealthy Emotional Coping Patterns

Stop stress-eating, retail therapy, procrastination, over-working, perfectionism, screen & other distractions and addictions

Create Space for Peace, Joy, Meaningful Work and Fulfilling Relationships

Connect deeply to your heart’s greatest desires and move more from intuition, authenticity & courage vs. fear and low self worth

Is this you?

Are you often emotionally triggered, upset and hurt in your closest relationships (spouse, child, parent, sibling), resulting in angry emotional outbursts.

Or maybe you’ve put up a wall or given up open communication to end painful conflict. Feelings of hopelessness and resentment towards the other have set in, along with a loss of emotional connection and a close, meaningful relationship.

Do you feel stuck in unhealthy coping patterns, even though you’ve tried to break these patterns numerous times?

Do you believe you don’t have the discipline or motivation to do better (not true)!

Know there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Trauma and nervous system healing just can’t be done alone. A trained professional can help.

I’m Priya

This is your short bio that will be extended on the About Me page.

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My Approach

Coaching and experiential teachings based on western psychology, eastern philosophy and functional nutrition to address all parts of being human: body, mind and spirit.

Trauma-sensitive, somatic approach that focuses on healing past trauma, present triggers and the nervous system.

Non-judgemental and compassionate guidance that puts you in the driver’s seat and allows your innate authenticity, wisdom and power to flow.

3 Ways to Work with Me

Emotional Resilience Coaching

One-on-one coaching for Emotional Resilience. Learn to manage daily emotional triggers, conflict in relationships and the difficult emotions that result. Stress less and break out of coping patterns.

6-12-24 session packages, starting at

Personalized Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment

Gut health, hormone balance and nervous system health to additionally support mood: Includes food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.


*Add on to one-on-one Coaching Package Only

Trauma-Sensitive Community Meditation Classes

Learn iRest Yoga Nidra techniques that connect you to feelings of peace, safety, joy, love and gratitude.


I started working with Priya just after moving countries, working through issues of nutrition and immunity. The effect Priya’s program had on my gut health and overall general well being was really remarkable. The mix of Eastern + Western philosophies makes for a good marriage when she extends her expertise to conscious well being, beyond just nutrition.
Devayani Vijayan

I have done individual therapy sessions, read a lot of self- help books and turned to trusted friends and families for advice. Nothing came close to my inner child work with Priya. Priya’s warmth, compassion, and safe environment has helped me heal and grow. She helped me open up my old wounds and pain and guided me with her sweet words in that painful process. She encouraged me to be patient and not to be hard on myself. Over time, I shared more and cried more with her because she truly made me feel safe and not judged. I do not know where I’d be without Priya. I have learned more about my true self through our conversations. Now, I love myself and respect myself more than before.

Satenik Grigoryan

I started working with Priya about 5 years ago. Emotional resilience was something that I really struggled with. I used to be depressed and faced a lot of anxiety. I found it really hard to deal with the pressures of life whether it was university or at work, but after working with Priya I have truly transformed myself. I am not the same person I used to be. I am a lot more confident today and can deal with the stresses of life a lot better.

Priya goes out of her way to help all her clients. What I really like is how she goes to the core of your problems and understands you as a person. Our emotional problems don’t only have to do with our lifestyle, but also with our past experiences in life such as our childhood. Priya understands this and goes deeper with every session in order to help you discover the source of your problems. In addition, Priya helped me with an excellent diet and suggested some amazing techniques to deal with my emotional problems through meditation and lifestyle changes. Today, I look at the world in a much different light than before. I wouldn’t be the same person without her support.

Karan Aiyer

I’ve been where you are


I know how frustrating it is to try and yet fail to manage daily emotional triggers, conflict in relationships and the difficult emotions that result.

I know how hopeless it feels to then also be stuck in cycles of unhealthy patterns that soothe the resulting emotional pain.
I know how impossible it all feels to have spent years searching and not yet found a clear path out of this repeated cycle of suffering.

You’ve come to the right place

I have concrete coaching tools and methods to guide you towards understanding, processing and easing your pain; helping you finally break your patterns and end your struggle.

Let’s connect and begin your healing journey today

Take the first step to a live of balance and flow

Reach out, and let us find out if we are a good git