How A Powerful Meditation Practice Supports You With Difficult Emotions

In a moment of intense anger, it’s extremely hard to differentiate between “I am angry” and “There is some anger in me”. It’s the same with anxiety, sadness, loneliness, grief or any other difficult emotion. In the moment we experience the emotion, our default tendency is to get so fused with it that our ability to feel ourselves as more than that one emotion is compromised, causing us to react and suffer.  

But what if I told you that it’s possible to learn to expand and feel more spacious inside yourself, so you can feel more than just the difficult emotion? And that with practice, this ability could become your superpower.

  • What if you could feel anger and frustration at your child or partner and also feel gratitude for the possibility of deeper connection, intimacy and opportunity to grow together?
  • What if you could feel fearful when your child made unwise health and life choices, but you could also feel a deep sense of trust in them, their ability to find support when ready, and for the unfolding of their unique journey?
  • What if you could feel grief from losing or being separated from a loved one and also feel unconditional love for them, beyond distance or time, and feeling both felt bittersweet and beautiful?
  • What if you could feel fatigue or a headache and also feel relaxed and comfortable at the same time? 

Our ability to expand, so we feel all of who we are, even in the midst of a difficult emotion or experience is the gift of a powerful meditation practice. Because who we are in every moment, is much more than the difficult emotion. 

iRest Yoga Nidra, is a meditation practice that will teach you how to connect to and feel this expansive place of calmness inside you. It will  guide you towards finding, experiencing and living in connection with this inner sanctuary that is always available to you. 

And once you connect with and have access to this refuge inside of you, its visceral calmness and safety will allow you to feel a difficult emotion without the need of a coping mechanism. Being able to feel emotional pain and inner safety at the same time, opens up the possibility of profound healing, growth and transformation. It offers you the capacity to now respond from this quiet, compassionate place inside.

Want to learn how to tap into your inner spaciousness and calm, even in the midst of a difficult emotion? Want to cultivate a meditation practice that delivers this and much more? So you suffer less and live and love more?

Join my weekly free community meditations. I’d love to meditate with you.  ❤️🙏🏽

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