Thankful for Big Life Lessons Learnt from Living with Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease can often feel like a 1000 pound rock that weighs you down, sometimes for days or months at a stretch with an uncooperative body and mind that literally resists life itself. Yet, coming out from under this rock using Functional Nutrition tools has taken me from not wanting to live at all, to wanting to live every moment with joy and deep satisfaction.

Presently working through a health setback again, there are definitely moments of hardship and pain; but it is in the midst of these moments that I consciously choose to focus on simply being grateful. Being grateful for the big life lessons I might have missed had it not been for my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis struggle.

These big life lessons poured out of me as I put pen to paper for this blog. They are my “mantras”, my “affirmations”, my “sweet whispers” that are now on autoplay somewhere in my subconscious. I’m sharing them today because they play a vital role in keeping my spirit alive and vibrant, no matter what comes my way.

Try going to them – especially when you feel helpless. They can help you too – to take charge of your health, face adverse life situations or simply live a more conscious and satisfying life.

Life Lessons Learnt from Living with Hashimoto’s

  1. Food literally turns into me. Every bite I take becomes my entire physical body – which includes my brain – and therefore my mind, thoughts, and even feelings.
  2. The right food for my body – and this can be vastly different between individuals even within the realm of a whole foods diet – gives me the power to live a remarkably conscious life.
  3. I have the power to consciously choose how I want to live from moment to moment, even when I can’t control my environment.
  4. The very fact that I am here, as a part of this incredible universe means I am of value.
  5. Just like all other creations, I too have a part to play, a song to sing and a dance to dance. Even though I don’t know all the lines, lyrics and steps.
  6. It is through solving life’s challenges that my joyous path is slowly revealed.
  7. Just being on that path is bliss.
  8. I don’t need to go anywhere. I just need to dance my dance consciously along this path and feel the joy of every step.

Wishing you and your families health, gratitude and a joyful dance.

Much love,



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