What Keeps Us from Connection and Intimacy in Motherhood and Relationships?

Human beings are hardwired for connection, intimacy and belonging. Heart warming, supportive, playful and pleasurable relationships are not only enjoyable but needed and vital to our well being. We all deserve to share and experience love in all its glory. 

But our reality often doesn’t match this desire and keeps us settling and longing.

Let’s face it and talk about it. Life and relationships are challenging for us all! We all experience feelings of disheartening disconnection, sometimes prolonged and difficult, with our children, partners, family and friends. 

So what keeps us from having the connection and intimacy we all desire? 

How can we go from merely wanting and desiring to actually making this a reality for ourselves? 

And why is it that even though there is implied love and caring in our closest relationships, we unfortunately don’t actually end up feeling it

Let’s dig a little deeper: Think of your closest relationships: with your child, partner, or another loved one. What creates disconnection with them? What causes conflict and misunderstandings? What creates tension and strife? What makes your teenager disrespect you, shut down or avoid important conversations? What keeps you and your partner distant, complacent or at each other’s throat? What makes you fantasize and want a different reality? What keeps you from sharing authentically and vulnerably? 

It’s DIFFICULT EMOTIONS! More specifically, our ability to feel, process, communicate and share our difficult emotions in a way that invites deeper connection – instead of creating separation. We all crave intimacy, but ironically end up distancing ourselves because our damn emotions, very understandably, get in the way. 

We’re all in this struggle together. It’s part of our human experience. 

But there is a way out. 

What if you had a map? A set of concrete skills that taught you how to navigate difficult emotions in a way that opened up possibilities for the deeper connection and intimacy you crave? What value would these skills bring to the relationship you have with your child? Your partner?

Imagine that these skills help you:

  • Pause and come back later with a cool head, to a possibly heated outburst or dysfunctional conversation. 
  • Express yourself and your grievances vulnerably instead of shutting down, swallowing your pain or building a wall.
  • Stay centered in your truth when a child or partner is unable to express themselves in a respectful and mature way.
    • Children and teens don’t have the developmental ability to do this, especially when big emotions arise in them. They need a calm parent’s nervous system in order to learn how to self-soothe and self-regulate. This is called co-regulation and is a gift we can give them!
  • Give your child or partner the space to process their difficult emotions privately and in their own way, without judgement. 
  • Connect with curiosity, love, understanding and compassion to your child or partner’s emotions, without judgment.
  • Let go of the need to be understood or in agreement with even your loved ones.
  • Come back and repair when emotions do get messy, because they still will! 
  • Lay the groundwork for safe and secure attachments with your children and partner.
  • Open up the possibility for more authentic, heartfelt, intimate moments with your child or partner. 
  • Feel a deep sense of inner safety, peace and freedom: so you can connect, from your heart and soul, not only to your child or partner, but to all of the abundance that life offers.   

Ready to bring more connection and intimacy into your relationships and life? 

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